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Features of our Tweaks.

No Jailbreak

Non Jailbreak apps for free. No PC needed. Quick and easy online method available. Just download and install online.

Device Support

Supports all iPhone devices including iPhone 5s and above. Latest iPhone Xs, iPhone 11 and 11 Pro is supported

Free Download iOS Games and Apps

iOS Modified / Hacked Games, Modded or Tweaked Apps, Social Media ++ Apps available to download for Free

Li's Tweaks

Here are some screenshots of Ying, Pong and Tiqu. But keep in mind- More are coming!


About me - Li Yuan Ying

I am a Chinese iOS hacker and a developer.
I have been doing research on iOS kernel access for some time and able to develop several products for now named Ying, Pong and Tiqu.
Thanks to Saurik ,Antique Dev, tihmstar. Following them has helped me discover new things and be on the track in Jailbreak process.
These are my products for now.

  • Ying
  • Pong
  • Tiqu
  • iWish

My Jailbreak Tweaks

Here are some of my published jailbreak tweaks. There are many that I have tried on my own, but these are the best with their exiting UI.
More are on their way!

Apps List

Here are some of mobile games and duplicate social media we offer you through Ying and Pong








Spend little and enjoy more.



  • Pong logo
  • 200+ hacked Games
  • Clash of Clans Hack
  • 8 Ball Pool Hacks
  • Clash Royale Hack
  • Last Day On Earth Hack
  • Brawl Stars Hack
  • Easy Installation
  • Supports iOS 12.1 and higher



  • Ying logo
  • Tweaked Apps
  • Social Media duplicates
  • Instagram++
  • Facebook++
  • Youtube++
  • Whatsapp++
  • Snapchat++
  • Supports iOS 12 and up



  • iWish logo
  • Birthday wishes, Valentines wishes, Haloween and many more
  • Lots of themes to cover with
  • Imagery wishes for the home screen
  • Can send in any way you want
  • For iPhone and iPad
  • Supports for any iOS version



  • Ying logo
  • Can add Repos
  • Can delete Repos
  • Install Reps as many as you like
  • Install hundreds of tweaks
  • Kodi
  • Movie Box
  • Electra and many more
  • Supports iOS 12.4 and up


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